2021 Virtual Parent Conference presented by the Dyslexia Justice League: October 2 & 3

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SWIDA is proud to present the Dyslexia Justice League Fall Parent Conference!

In the interest of health and safety, the conference will be presented in a virtual format.  


Saturday, October 2

Sunday, October 3

The opening virtual session “The Power of Self-Advocacy“, presented by the YES!  Student Ambassadors from Colorado, is designed for parents and students to attend together.  Other parent sessions include Structuring Your Home to Support Executive Function,Assistive Technology, Accomodations in Upper Grades and the Transition to College, and the Impact of learning disabilities on areas such as math and writing
This conference will be presented free of charge thanks to our generous sponsors.  We welcome contributions to SWIDA to help support our work educating teachers, parents, and students about dyslexia and the importance of Structured Literacy instruction for all students.  Save the date! Registration opens August 23. 

Sponsored by: