Highlights from Dyslexia: How Difficult Can It Be?

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 “Dyslexia: How Difficult Can It Be?” 

Thanks to the efforts of numerous SWIDA members in Taos who worked for a month to get the word out through radio interviews, intra-school mailings, newspaper notices and articles, and flyers plastered everywhere, the Simulations session was packed to capacity. In addition, there were 20 students in Rayna Dineen’s and Annalise Zosel’s sessions.   Read more about this event in the October issue of NEWSwida.  

When: September 16, 2017 8-Noon
Where: UNM-Taos, Klauer Campus
Why: In less than two hours, you will learn more about what dyslexia is and feels like than reading about it online or in textbooks.  Join us!  
One Albuquerque Public Schools veteran teacher just experienced the Simulations, and said it was “one of the best two workshops in all my years of teaching.”   
Who: PARENTS AND TEACHERS: This regional event is open to everyone in Taos County and beyond.  We will start with six simulated activities which mimic the experiences and processing of those with dyslexia. Then we will have a brief discussion on dyslexia, its neurological basis, the demographics, the warning signs, and the interventions which have been shown, through solid research, to have a positive impact.
Who: STUDENTS WITH DYSLEXIA: At the same time as we present to parents and teachers, others will be leading students in a mini-event of their own.
Registration fee: Only $10 per person. School Purchase Orders accepted. 

To learn more about this regional event and to register, click below.


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APS teachers attending a Simulations workshop in earl August.