Dyslexia Modules

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Dyslexia Modules

Ongoing Training Development

NM Dyslexia Professional Development Modules
The Dyslexia Modules can be accessed through the new Region IX Learning Portal: New Mexico Dyslexia Professional Development Modules.

Follow the simple instructions to create your new account. Even if you are not with a public school district, enter the district’s name closest to you, or log in as a guest.  Once your user account is created, you will receive a confirmation email within the next few minutes. Open the confirmation email and go to the Region IX Learning Portal to enroll yourself in the Dyslexia Module courses.

Background of Educational Modules
In 2011, the New Mexico Public Education Department released internet learning modules on dyslexia, all as a result of NM’s HB 230 – the Dyslexia Law. Their purpose was and is to educate all public school teachers and related personnel (counselors, diagnosticians, SLPs) about dyslexia.

The four 1.5 hour interactive learning modules, developed by Susan L. Hall and the 95% Group, provide overviews on the history and definition of dyslexia, appropriate interventions at the Tier II level (small group instruction in the classroom), Tier III multisensory interventions for students who need more intensive and explicit instruction, and the diagnosis of dyslexia. Professionals receive a Certificate of Completion after passing a short test on the critical concepts of each module.

Have your child’s teachers participated in this NMPED study program?  If not, please share this information with them. As of December 2013, Region IX (which supports this technology) reported that 2121 individuals in New Mexico have completed the modules. In total 8484 modules have been completed. While this is a substantial number, there are over 26,000 public school staff in New Mexico so many have not viewed even one of the four modules.

Access was available only to public school staff until December 2013, when Region IX generously agreed to open this site to the public.

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