Senate Bill 398 Signed into law in April 2019

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SB398 Dyslexic Student Early Interventions 

SB398 is intended to ensure that students most at risk for reading failure receive evidenced-based instruction at an early age.  IDA recommends that any student with characteristics of dyslexia (weak decoding and encoding) receive classroom instruction that covers the components and principles of “Structured Literacy.”  (These are the same components that the National Reading Panel found to be most effective twenty years ago.)

What is Structured Literacy? 

Click here to see an IDA infographic.

Click here to read an IDA brief on Structured Literacy.

THANK YOU, Governor Lujan Grisham, for your commitment to improving literacy outcomes for all students in New Mexico.  THANK YOU, Senator Mimi Stewart, for your longtime commitment to dyslexic students in New Mexico. THANK YOU, Representative Joy Garrett, for presenting the bill on the House floor.

THANK YOU to all those who supported this bill throughout the legislative process including hundreds of families, educators and related professionals. Your calls, emails, signatures and advocacy made all the difference in getting SB398 across the finish line.
To the students and parents who bravely shared their experiences with the legislature, we share this victory with you.