Do You Have Dyslexia?

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Do You Have Dyslexia?

If you are reading this, you are probably at least in your teens if not in your 80s. You’ve struggled your whole life with reading and/or spelling, and you’ve wondered if you might be dyslexic. This word “dyslexic” has been around for over a century but it may not have been used in the school you attended or in your community. Today it is better understood than ever.

If  you think you may be dyslexic, know that It’s Never Too Late to seek help. Read (or listen) to this IDA Fact Sheet to learn what to do next.

The Voice of Experience is an interview with an adult who was 56 years old before she realized her reading and spelling challenges were due to dyslexia – to having a different kind of brain.

Interested in options for Graduate School? Check out this new guide, titled Graduate School Success for Students with Disabilities. Click on this guide which highlights scholarships, available resources and expert insight for completing an advanced degree.

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