What is Dyslexia?

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What is Dyslexia?

Whether you are a…

  • parent whose child has just been diagnosed with dyslexia,
  • a parent wondering if your child should be tested for dyslexia,
  • a teacher concerned about a student who might be dyslexic,
  • or an adult who wonders if all your struggles with reading and writing could be due to dyslexia,

…this section is for you, the newcomer.

Writing samples of a 3rd grade girl before receiving dyslexia therapy (top) and then six months later (bottom).  

Dyslexia: Fact or Fiction
…dispels numerous misunderstandings about dyslexia that lack any basis in research. Does dyslexia affect only a few people? Is it due to the complexities of the English language? If a child can’t read by 3rd grade, is it too late to teach him or her?   These and other concerns are answered in this excellent article written by Meg Porch, a Speech/Language Pathologist and a IDA Southwest Branch Past-President.

Our national organization, The International Dyslexia Association, produced the Just the Facts article on this website. It will not only provide accurate and useful information to you, the newcomer, but it can be easily printed and shared with teachers, administrators, and other parents.

Does New Mexico have a law addressing the needs of students with dyslexia?
IDA Southwest’s region covers New Mexico and western Texas, and both states have “dyslexia” laws. SB 398 (2019) is NM’s law, posted in this section. More information on state guidelines are listed under For Educational Professionals and For Parents.

NEW MEXICO DYSLEXIA MODULES were created as a direct result of HB 230 (2010). Thanks to the Legislative Education Study Committee and Region IX (Roswell) of the NM Public Education Department, parents, teachers, college students…anyone…can access these four 1.5 hour modules to learn more about what dyslexia is, the RTI process, Special Education services for students with dyslexia, and the diagnosis of dyslexia. These modules have a link on our home page.

LINKS to other websites that are research-based and will give you accurate information:


Viral Controversies in Dyslexia 

IDA has recently published a cautionary note to all parents and teachers about erroneous information on dyslexia that travels through internet channels.  CLICK HERE for some great advice. 


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