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Teacher and Therapist Training Options: IDA Accredited Centers

In seeking training, IDA Southwest suggests that individuals bear in mind what a now out-of-print publication by  IDA stated: “Some [approaches] are designed for whole class instruction and are used preventatively to keep children from experiencing academic failure (tier one). Some are designed for small group intervention (tier two). And some provide more intensive instruction and are favored by clinicians who work with students with severe reading disabilities.”

Always inquire about the depth of training you will be receiving and its appropriateness for various teaching situations. Don’t hesitate to ask for the names of graduates from a particular training center so that you can further inform yourself.

In keeping with IDA standards, only training institutes accredited by IDA are listed on this website. 

Multisensory Language Training Institute of New Mexico (MLTI-NM), Albuquerque

  • Accredited by IMSLEC, the International Multisensory Language Education Council, and by The International Dyslexia Association.
  • Offering teacher and therapist level training programs. The two-week Introductory class (70 hours) is offered each year in June in Albuquerque.  The subsequent Intermediate level training and the Advanced level training each involve 64 hours of training, plus clinical supervision.
  • Any administrator or teacher interested in MLTI-NM training outside the Albuquerque area, should call the number below.
  • Director: Sandra Dillon 3915 Carlisle, NE Albuquerque, NM 87107 (505) 881-0026, or visit
  • Next two-week Introductory Class will begin in June 2019 in both Albuquerque and Taos.    
  • Please call the above number for information on one to three day workshops or for more intensive training in your area. 


Multisensory Language Teacher Training – The May Center for Learning, Santa Fe

  • Summer 2018 Course – June 25-30.
  • May Center for Learning offers a certification course for teachers and tutors in Multisensory Language Teaching through Shelton School in Dallas.  Participants complete the ignition 54 hour course, followed by an additional 26 hours of coursework, plus practicum and observations to earn certification in Sequential English Education.  
  • Course is accredited by IMSLEC and IDA.  
  • Contact May Center at 505-983-7407 for more information and to register.


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