Training Matters

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Training Matters

Training Matters contains articles (some general; some specific) related to the teaching of reading and spelling skills in the classroom, in small group settings, and in one-to-one settings.

Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading is a document created by our national organization, The International Dyslexia Association (IDA), and discussed at length by keynote speaker Margie Gillis at our 2016 conference. The standards aim to specify what any individual responsible for teaching reading should know and be able to do so that reading difficulties, including dyslexia, may be prevented, alleviated, or remediated. In addition, the standards seek to differentiate classroom teachers from therapists or specialists who are qualified to work with the most challenging students.

What is Multisensory Language Education (MSLE)? Read this IDA Fact Sheet to gain a general understanding of what students with dyslexia need to be taught, and how they need to be taught.

What programs work with individuals with dyslexia? The Matrix of Multisensory Structured Language Programs is an IDA publication (now out of print) that outlined a number of programs, based on Orton-Gillingham principles, that have proved to be effective with individuals of all ages. While this is not a comprehensive list, it is a great place to start for educators wanting further training. Advice on programs that lack IDA support are listed under Buyer Beware, and will be updated as needed.

Only New Mexico-based Training Options are listed. This page is updated on a regular basis to allow educators to plan for professional development.   Educators needing financial support for training may apply for an IDA Southwest Scholarship for MSLE Training.

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