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Special Donation Opportunity: Help us underwrite the cost for students to attend the  “Lead the Way: Student/Parent Conference” on October 19, 2019, at Nex + Gen Academy

Starting August 25, all donations to this website will be  used to provide scholarships for students to attend the upcoming Dyslexia Justice League event on October 19, 2019 at Nex + Gen Academy.   

The International Dyslexia Association Southwest Branch welcomes gifts to help support our programs. The International Dyslexia Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; donations are tax deductible. With your generous support, IDA Southwest can continue to improve the lives of individuals with dyslexia.

Why give?
Your donations help us to provide resources and information to the teachers, parents, and other professionals about dyslexia and related language difficulties. Your gifts and contributions support IDA Southwest’s:

  • annual conferences and symposiums
  • quarterly newsletters
  • free annual resource directories
  • website
  • scholarships for teacher training
  • scholarships for college and technical students with dyslexia

Donate Online

If you wish to make your donation offline, then mail your check to:
International Dyslexia Association Southwest Branch
3915 Carlisle Blvd. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87107

We are grateful for your support!  



ALBUQUERQUE     If you wish to honor a pioneer in the field of Special Education – the first Special Educator for the Albuquerque Public Schools and longtime supporter of SWIDA, you may donate to the Jane Blumenfeld Fund which Jane established in 2007 with the Albuquerque Community Foundation.

Honor Dr. Jane Blumenfeld by Donating Here.



TAOS  If you wish to honor a Taos pioneer in the field of dyslexia therapy, and a long-time SWIDA Board Member, please consider donating to the Cathleen Tomlinson Fund, established in 2015 by her many friends, former students and their grateful parents.  All proceeds will help SWIDA provide support to Taos students with dyslexia.

Honor Cathleen Tomlinson by Donating here.  



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