O-G Stands for Old but Gently Used Books & Materials

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SWIDA is again holding a used books and materials sale at its annual conference on February 22-23.  

This fall is a perfect time to clean house:  Do you have any gently used books that might benefit other teachers, tutors, therapists, parents or students?

  • Games were highly valued last year, so if you have any fun and educational games that are no longer in use, please donate them.
  • Do you have any gently used manipulatives and materials that are helpful in teaching reading and spelling?  Stuffed animals that illustrate keywords? Plastic letters for alphabetizing?
  • Any books that are valuable for professional development or for teaching reading, grammar, comprehension, handwriting, written expression, etc?
  • Any book, manipulative, tool that YOU used and loved should not be sitting on a shelf or stuffed in a closet!